Contact the Project staff

Contacting the Project staff is easiest via email; a member of our team will generally respond within 12-24 hours. This page lists contact addresses that will help us direct your inquiry appropriately.

We ask that you email to schedule phone calls or in-person meetings. For legal concerns, please see “Legal concerns” below.

Concerns for a specific chapter

PBJ does not run or manage individual school chapters. Unless the situation needs to be escalated or is urgent, please contact the chapter directly with your concern. We are ordinarily not responsible or in control of their content or operation.

Direct your inquiry via email

For most concerns

For most concerns, including prospective chapter inquiries and media requests, please email our general point of contact at [email protected].

Chapter relations

Active chapters have a direct line to our Chapter Relations team, who can answer questions about our programs, schedule training calls, and direct you to resources. In most cases, emails are answered within the business day. Please, active chapters only– you can email Chapter Relations at [email protected].

Careers, internships, volunteering

We’re always excited to see those interested in our cause! Please visit our careers and volunteering page for more information on applying for a Project staff position, or email the recruitment team directly at [email protected].

Note: We do not utilize recruiter services. Please do not offer us those services.

Engineering and technical resources

Please direct inquiries about technology–including open-source software we make available–to our engineering and Technical Resources teams. Email Technical Resources at [email protected].

Legal concerns

Generally speaking, you can email legal & regulatory concerns to [email protected]. The email address is strictly for legal concerns only. You can also find more government & public filings information on our website.

Filing complaints

Because of our unique relationship to our chapters, please see additional information for filing complaints if you want to make a complaint.

More contact information

We prefer to communicate via email. Phone calls, office visits, and site visit requests require advance notice. Email our general point of contact at [email protected] to schedule any of those.

Call the Project

(617) 6638-PBJ or (617) 663-8725

Mailing address

Physical mail takes longer and is costlier for us to process.

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