Joining the Project national team

PBJ sits at the intersection of education reform, technology, journalism, and media. If you want to spend some time each week making a real difference and gaining valuable experience, this is the way to do it.

About PBJ

The Project for Better Journalism is a nonprofit organization dedicated to strengthening student journalism programs and curriculum at schools across the country.

We work directly with educators, their classrooms, and their students to provide support for their journalism curriculum– helping them launch student publications online, and supplementing their classes with special programming, collaborations, and assistance.

In a time where schools everywhere are downsizing and shutting down their journalism classes, we’re trying to demonstrate that offering extracurricular programs makes a difference in student lives. We think they increase literacy, academic success, and achievement in life.

Current offerings

As of Fall 2016, we’re currently offering the following types of positions:

  • Volunteer staff positions (6 hrs/week). Must have attended or be currently enrolled in college.
  • Junior coordinator positions (4-6 hrs/week). High school students only.
  • Harvard-based team: Volunteer staff positions (6 hrs/week). Harvard students only. Learn more.

Please note that these are positions for the PBJ National team and not for positions within a school journalism program. We do not staff those organizations.

Current openings

(Openings are listed on AngelList Jobs, a recruiting website, but you should use our staff application form instead. If you do submit applications through AngelList, it will take us longer to respond and might get lost in the pile.)

How to apply

Prior to applying, you should read and fully understand what we’re all about.

For applications to our part-time volunteer staff, apply using our staff application form. The form takes about 20-30 minutes to fill out. You will need to prepare and submit a copy of your resume. A member of the recruitment team will get back to you and discuss the opportunity further.