Complaints, concerns, and takedown requests

If you want to make a complaint or takedown request against the Project or a Project chapter website, read this page first.

We want to help you resolve your concern as fast as possible. Our policies require thorough investigation of all claims in most circumstances, and processing may be delayed if you do not direct your complaint appropriately.

Regarding the Project

General concerns

For any concerns about the Project (and not an individual chapter)–for example, if your concern is about Project staff or our operating procedure–please contact the Project staff at [email protected].

Technical concerns

For any concerns regarding our technical services, including any open-source software we release, our engineering and Technical Resources team can be contacted at [email protected]. Note that we do not provide support for non-Project chapters ordinarily.

Regarding an individual chapter

Student, parent, or guardian complaining about website content

In general, PBJ does not intervene, make changes, or control the content of Project chapter websites. You should direct your concerns to the relevant news team or, if necessary, to the faculty or administrators responsible at the school itself.

You may find this contact information on the chapter website; we do not make this information available.

Faculty or administrator at a Project school

In general, PBJ works directly with the faculty advisers of a journalism program, and you should direct any concerns to them.

For more information on this policy, contact the Chapter Relations team at [email protected].

Urgent requests

We may be able to make exceptions for urgent, life-threatening, or critical requests. Please contact the Project staff at [email protected] and include “[Urgent]” in the subject line of your email.

Takedown requests (DMCA, etc)

We ask that you consider contacting the chapter responsible for the content first. They may be able to assist you faster.

Please reach us for legal and DMCA requests using the contact information for legal concerns.