Project chapters—high schools we work with—receive a website for their journalism program, the continuous support of our team, and opportunities to collaborate. All free of charge.

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Nationwide collaboration: While each school is an autonomous chapter, the Project means more. Chapters can take part in shows, discussions, and conferences we host for our network. More →

Pictured: "EHS Press", by Exeter High School, a public school in Exeter, NH.

501(c)(3) non-profit.

We rely on donations, not fees. Thanks to our benefactors, we can offer our services—from running a chapter website, to maintaining it with staff assistance—free of charge to all our chapter schools.

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Social justice.

Access for all is our core value. PBJ chapters are of all types, among them: public and private; urban, rural, or in between; charter and more. The thousands of students we impact come from all backgrounds.

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Concord High School revitalized their journalism curriculum through PBJ.

Concord High School is a public school in Concord, NH.   A PBJ chapter since March 2014.
Visit this featured chapter online: The Crimson Review,

As journalism instructor Linda Lawson explains

"We had been publishing online already for a handful of years but our old, simplistic website inspired nobody. I was desperate to update the design and functionality of The Crimson Review but classroom instruction took priority over web work, obviously. I could never find enough time… to relaunch."

"Signing on with PBJ solved so many problems at once. The new site is gorgeous and the typical reaction of a first time viewer is, "Wow!" We're still building a consistent readership, but journalism signups have tripled in the past year. The PBJ platform is designed in such a way that student submissions require less hands-on work by me. I can focus more fully on issues of depth, relevance, timeliness and quality."

Visit this featured chapter: The Crimson Review,
50+ chapters

Why not more?

In our first years of operation, we have limited the number of new chapters to ensure we are able to fully support schools both through our team and financially. We're also careful to keep our network diverse.

Our chapters come from all across the United States, and vary in socioeconomic status and geography. A substantial portion are Title I schools.

Becoming a chapter

Current status:  You can apply.
We accept new schools in cycles.

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To keep quality high, chapter membership is by invitation or application only.

Note: Faculty involvement is required, but we accept applications from students as well.

For prospective schools:

We're working with more schools than ever.
Your school just might be a good fit.

It only takes 15 minutes to apply:

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If you're interested in applying as a prospective school, or want to submit a detailed inquiry, please get in touch using the form below.

  1. First, we'll collect basic information about you and your school.
  2. Next, we'll try to understand your goals and find a good time to chat.
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Let's have a chat.

We usually respond within 24 hours via email and can quickly arrange for a phone call. If you're in a certain area, we may be able to arrange an in-person meeting as well.

Current status:
You can apply.
We accept new schools in cycles.

Note: You can always get in touch or just get more information, even if we're not accepting applications.

Reach out. We usually respond in 24 hours.

Via email (recommended)

General point of contact:

We'll forward your email to someone who can assist you further. Media requests handled here too.

Via phone/Skype

(617) 6638-PBJ (663-8725)

Current status: Scheduled calls only.

We love phone calls—but not now! You can leave a message, although emailing to schedule may be easier.

We visit you

Pending availability, a staff member may be able to visit you if you're in the following areas:

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Additional email options

Chapter relations:
Information for prospective and current school chapters on PBJ services.
Prospective schools, please use our interactive form above.

Technical services:
Operational technology concerns—including PBJ platform development.

By mail

We don't normally accept mail, except for items that must be sent via post (checks, legal paperwork, etc):

Project for Better Journalism, Inc.
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Legal: For legal concerns, or to verify government filings, see this page.

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Pending availability and advance notice, we can arrange for you to visit or meet us:

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Meet the Project team.

PBJ is directed by experienced and passioned leaders with former journalism backgrounds, and supported by a team of volunteers and active students (one of the reasons we can make everything free for our chapters).

What unites us is a passion for student exploration and a desire to make education better. You're in good hands. Learn about joining the team →

  • Visvajit Sriramrajan National Director Hofstra University
    Greater New York City region
  • Brandon Wang Founder; Advisory Board Director Harvard University
    New England and Houston regions
    Title I schools coordinator
  • Amanda Zhou National Director, Chapter Relations Dartmouth College
    Greater Boston region
  • Joyce Chen National Director, Chapter Relations Rice University
    Greater Houston region
    Top schools coordinator
  • Franco Santolamazza National Director, Partnerships Georgia Institute of Technology
  • Will Haering Former National Director University of Chicago
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